About Us

Hello everyone! It's Stacy Dill, and I am the owner, designer, & curator of Love Obsessed, and this is my story!

Love Obsessed was born at my dining room table in January of 2012, where I designed my first piece of Love Obsessed jewelry.

It was only 6 weeks after my first son, Nicholas was born (that is his picture above), that I started designing jewelry.

I started out hand painting vintage rhinestones, setting them, and making them into new pieces. I opened an Etsy shop, listed a few pieces, and it just exploded from there!

I was a new Mom, with a new business, and things were very crazy, and also very exciting!

My customers were buying them faster than I could make them.

My pieces started showing up in the very same fashion magazines that inspired me - Marie Claire, People, Vogue, Seventeen, Shop Til U Drop, and so many more!

I have been blessed to get rave reviews from bloggers and editors, and they have helped spread the word about Love Obsessed!

But most importantly, it is people like you, who have fallen in love with Love Obsessed and told a friend or two.

You have helped grow Love Obsessed from starting at my dining room table designing pieces by hand, to what it is today- one of the best curated collections of jewelry and clothes found on the web today!

I search high and low, all over the US and beyond to bring you the BEST in fashion jewelry- so I hope you have fun browsing through my site and I hope you find a piece you cannot live without!

In September of 2016, another dream of mine came true!

I opened our first brick and mortar store in Quakertown, Pa. I hope you can come and check out the boutique in person, I poured my heart and soul into it and it is constantly evolving!

-Stacy Dill